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End Illegal Use of Your Membership Badge

Total control of who, how and when your association badge is used online.
  • Increase your membership
  • Better membership retention
  • Value add for members
  • Boost brand credibility
  • Icreased value of your badge

Membership to your association is valuable

Increase your membership

Unauthorised users will be found automatically and be asked to join (if qualified), or to remove the badge from their website.

Approximately 50% of unauthorised users will join your association when caught, within 2 weeks.

Better membership retention

If your members don't renew, your association badge will be automatically removed from their company website.

The only way to benefit from using your association badge is by being a paid-up member.

Value add for members

When your association badge is being used by unauthorised people who are not qualified to do so, it devalues your association membership and it's bery annoying to your genuine members.

Your members will love the exclusivity that only genuine members can use your association badge.

Boost brand credibility

Consumers will make purchasing decisions based on trust. Consumers will trust a company displaying your association badge.

If the consumers can't trust the integrity of your badge, they won't trust your members.

Increase value of your badge

"Not adding value is the same as taking it away". Seth Godin

Value is added when the only way to get your association badge is being qualified, join the association and meet the association standards.

If there is an easy path many people will take it.


Badge Secure uses the most advanced, cutting-edge, security technology to ensure your badge is protected and you have control. The old way of sending your badge to members and trusting are gone forever.

Badge Secure is easy to use and full of advanced features that need to be seen.

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